It’s a solar clock driven installation, designed for Boom Festival, that starts at sunset and ends at sunrise, with generative geometry controlling 6 robotic beams, standing on top of 6 neo-megalithic structures made by atelier Rethorica with bio construction techniques.

Every hour, and every half hour, the interactive mode activates for 10 minutes, and the boomers can control the lights with their bodies.

During the first half hour the installation is focused on Earth light patterns, projected on the ground. During the second half hour, the focus is the night sky, using lines to draw Sacred Geometry in the starred canvas.

bio construction by Rethorica Studio (Pedro Pereira, Miguel Madrinha, Vasco Duque, Miguel Setas)
coding, concept and tech installation by Rui Gato, David Negrão and João Data (Datagrama).

special thanks to:
Echo Higuchi
João Rodriguez
Bruno Morais
David Leitão
Inês Branco
Jorge Neurion Ceras
Raul Aragão
FX Roadlights

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Sacred Geometry in Music Composition

name: Sacred Geometry in Music Composition – Talk at the Liminal Village Boom Festival 2018
date: 2018-07-25
type: tutoring
event: Boom Festival 2018

city: Idanha-a-nova, Portugal
place: Boomland

client: Boom Festival
collaboration: n/a

description EN:

The harmony of sacred geometric proportions has been inspiring many artists to interpret its beauty in many different directions. In this interactive workshop Rui Gato will be presenting an ongoing research which aims at translating geometrical shapes and numbers into music. In fact we can think of the proportions of geometric shapes as expression of numbers in space, and the harmonies of music as expression of numbers in time. Both are forms of vibration, and both working together can generate high forms of synesthesia. The talk will be based on the geoMusic system devised by Rui Gato, through a visual programming language (TouchDesigner), connected with Ableton Live.


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