Megalith (v2)

photo by: Ed Apples

name: Megalith (v2)
date: 2019-04-21
type: light, interactive installation
event: The Full Moon Return / Tipper & Friends

city: Live Oak, Florida
place: Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park

client: Tipper & Friends
collaboration: David Negrão, João Beira, Ed Apples, visionreactor, cerebral concepts, Datagrama, Mars-1

description EN:

This is the second iteration of the Megalith piece the datagrama collective did for Boom Festival 2018. This time, the 6 neo-megalithic structures where high-tech inspired, with a lasercut work designed by Datagrama (cutted by cerebral concepts), and a pixel mapping LED patch developed by Ed Apples and with help by visionreactor. A amazingly cool addition to the setting was the molecule sculpture by Mars-1, placed right in the center of all the action.

More focused on the interactive aspect of the piece, here we use 3 kinect sensors to track the movements of 3 persons, so they can control the beams of light that are on top of the neo-megaliths. Two modes of interaction, Sky mode – and Earth mode – with 12 different looks overall. We also took some time to have fun doing “moon mapping”. Moon mapping was an experiment where we pointed all the beams to the moon from one point of view. We are planning on making that an actual automatic feature for future versions, maybe even good for star mapping! Sky mode is when the users hands are controlling a beam each, and freely moving them in the night sky. Earth mode is with the beams pointing to specific nodes of the central molecule, and the user changes between positions, color saturation, focus and zoom, with both hands.


coding, concept and tech installation by Rui Gato, David Negrão and João Data (Datagrama).
Pixel mapping and LED tech on the neo-megaliths by Ed Apples and Matt Beluominni (visionreactor).
molecule statue by Mars-1

special thanks to:
Echo Higuchi
Theron Pray
Ian Smith
Dave Veller
David Tipper
Jonathan Singer
William Allan Ross
Erika Dajoh
The Drone Guy (you know who you are)