Rainlith 1.0

name: Rainlith 1.0
date: 2009-12-15
type: interactive installation
event: Red Bull House of Art

city: São Paulo, Brazil
place: Hotel Central

client: Red Bull Music Academy Portugal
collaboration: n/a

description PT: Instalação sonora interactiva, no contexto da residência artística da Red Bull House of Arts em São Paulo.

description EN:

On Rainlith, the primitive naturally granular sound of a big rainstick gets explored in real-time by cyber-age sound manipulation tools.

This is an interactive piece, in which the presence of an audience near the sonic sculpture triggers a circular movement that is at the same time hypnotic and subtle, under a quasi-random set of sequenced movements, controlled by a microchip, originating on the physical force of an electric motor.

The object consists of a self-standing structure that will suspend the rainstick, also incorporating two microphones attached to both edges. The sound is then processed and routed through a spatialized sound system, radially installed around the area of detection of human presence.

The piece provides therefore a bridge between two completely different sonic universes, the natural acoustic world and the digital synthetic world. The almost magical movement and the sound resulting from the real-time manipulation give rise to a feeling of awe, alluding to the monolith (2001) and its alienness, producing a strong impact on visitors and a powerfully expressive sound environment.

Piece concept and production by Rui Gato, during the artistic residency Red Bull House of Art, São Paulo November 2009


Maria Montero
Lucas Bambozzi


Thiago Sanchez Moraes
Daniel Garcia Costa
Glauco Garcia Oliveira
Adriano Araújo
Radamés Ajna

links: http://www.ruigato.info/blog/rainlith-making-of/