the boats

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photos by André Sier

Just got back from a residency in Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura, where the JGM company finished the latest creation, “The Boats”, inspired by the texts of Gil Vicente, famous medieval portuguese writer.
In this creation, João invited me and André Sier to create the live music and the generative video, wich we did by following the triptych division of hell, purgatory and glory;
hell is played live by me, accompanying the actors/performers with feedback processes, ultra short delay resonance, live looping, sample mangling and some orphion improvisation;
purgatory is visualized trough a mystical journey by André, and remixed with a kuduro track disassembled into noise in realtime by me;
the glory runs a network made by me in touchdesigner (and operated by Mafalda Cruz live) to map the bodies of the actors/perfomers with geometry and live reactivity to movement, while a party remix of “Só Danço Samba” goes on into the final ‘toast’ of the damned!

a very strong and disturbing mix of disciplines, languages, expressions and laboratory work indeed..

visit the official page here:
JGM website

and André Sier post on this matter, here:

Light Design by Luís Bombico

more documentation follows shortly!