Ligeti Polyrhythm #2

Jul 07 2011

Tonight is time for.. a cycling 365 post. Here goes a take from a study about Ligeti polyrhythms using the max for live patch by Bruno Gallo. Thank you Bruno.

Ligeti polyrhythm #2 by Rui Gato

MONOTRON one and two, CTR three, four and five

Jul 02 2011

Today is time for some new gear. Thanks to mister André Pinto, i got infected with the Korg MONOTRON virus. I was hoping to get a MONOTRIBE, but, unable to find one, i got the MONOTRON instead. What a small beast it is! It’s already a legend for me, and also my second acquisition in the realm of true analog. And it will not be the last for sure…

So, here are two snippets from today’s improv session one, with the MONOTRON and the THEREMIN on track one, and the MONOTRON and a looper on track two:

Monotron #1 by Rui Gato
Monotron #2 by Rui Gato

On session two, i continued the work on the CTR instrument (i will be calling CTR instrument now on to my development on a hybrid natural user interface instrument using Synapse, wiimote, and some more stuff). After a week of work, it’s starting to sound more interesting and more expression and sonic possibilities emerge with the use of the wiimote to control LFO’s and looper operations.

Here is session two, sliced in three segments (that were played continuously) for your listening convenience.

CTR #3 by Rui Gato
CTR #4 by Rui Gato
CTR #5 by Rui Gato

CTR #2 (carpal tunnel relief)

Jun 30 2011

Here is a more intricate use for the Synapse middleware by Ryan Challinor; this time, i’ve mapped my left hand X value (relative to my body) to a MIDI pitch shift; my right hand Y value (also relative to body) to MIDI notes, ascending; my right foot Y value to note release time; my left foot ‘kick’ (Z axis fast move) to toggle a pulse oscillator on the synth; and my left hand ‘punch’ (Z axis fast move) to toggle the MIDI pitch shift. also my right hand Z (relative to body) is mapped to a send for the memoryman effect.

euclidean rhythms and the cycling ‘365 project

Jun 28 2011

today i’ve spent one hour of my day experimenting on Euclidean Rhythms, and recorded a snippet of that ongoing work: Euclidean1 by Rui Gato


with this experiment i’ve decided that, just like i do with my cycling activity, i should start giving a part of my day, every time i have the opportunity, to exercise my experimental and improvisation capabilities. Right in the same way i do exercise my bike riding every time i can, for one hour or so.

so i’ve started the cycling ‘365 project, in witch i will keep posting snippets of music and whatever appears, while the project runs.

PLAY @ Galeria Quadrum lisboa

Jun 24 2011

(Rui Toscano, Rui Valério) + (Fernando Fadigas, João Paulo Feliciano, Rui Gato, André Pinto, Augusto Sanches)
23 de Junho – 22h

Concert without electro-acoustic reproduction. Instead of speakers, the musicians wear headphones. There were a pair available to one element of the audience at a time, and a confortable chair. Concept by the Tone Scientists (Rui Toscano, Rui Valério). Thanks to the Scientists for the invitation, it was really nice to play tonight!

carpal tunnel relief

Jun 22 2011


This is a small experiment on natural user interface, using a kinect and synapse middleware by Ryan Challinor.

Tomorrow will post some music made with this system, it really becames expressive after a while.

edit: here it is.

Carpal tunnel relief (bit) by Rui Gato


Jun 21 2011

today my electro-harmonix memoryman stompbox got back to life, after i’ve discovered that the problem was a fried up diode in the protection circuit at the power inlet.

a small drop of solder solved (temporary solution) the mutism of the blue man, remaining operational hopefully until next thursday for live manglings @ Quadrum Gallery.

here’s a recording from yesterday’s solo improv session @ the studio, to celebrate the beginning of the Summer (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere).

Needles and FM with piezo and modAxis theremin bass dub with soundrop (to celebrate the summer) by Rui Gato


Jun 20 2011


today is the renewal day @, the chance to update the web presence finally came up.

feel free to explore the site, it’s under permanent change and evolution.

i will try to fill the web pages with pieces of my work, as they are gathered, organized and uploaded into the cloud.

enjoy !


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