geoMusica is a tool to make music with geometry. Compose geometries and listen to the musical translation in realtime, perform and experiment with the Sacred Geometry inspired methods and be amazed by the beauty hidden within the Mathemagics.

it is structured as a multi-layer composing tool, focused on geometrical parameters that can be set with special proportions and shapes, and should be used has a MIDI note generator, connected with your favorite electronic instruments to reproduce the musical output. Therefore, should be considered as a generative MIDI sequencer in terms of families of musical software, and its aimed at musicians that use electronic tools for creation.

this project started as a personal research on Sacred Geometry studies, within the scope of the 3 year introdutory course that I attended led by Prof. Luis Elye, to the amazing field of knowledge hidden inside the Traditional geometrical legacy. with roots lost in time, this knowledge proved fundamental in bringing ordered geometrical shapes that generate meaningful musical correspondance, and revealing a hidden structural connection between geometry and music that becames obvious when exploring this tool.

as the research evolved, i’ve managed to do some outputs in form of talks and live concerts, that generated a surprising reaction on the interested audience, namely my fellow coleagues geometers, the TD artists community, and the Boom Festival community. that feedback gave meaning to the publication and release of this tool.

the aim for publication is to support the further development of this tool, either by other developers in the open-source spirit, or by anyone that use this tool and want to help supporting via the Patreon platform.

it is also a way of retribution to the fantastic TouchDesigner community, that along the years of using TD allways gave generously without asking for return.


this public release of geoMusica is dedicated to my grandfather Francisco Alves Gato. I did’nt had the luck of meeting him personally, but I know that he, has many of us before and certainly after, was one of the humans that felt the sparkle of the search for Knowledge and Beauty, which led him to research on a special tuning for the Portuguese Guitar. I know we would had good times together playing with geoMusica!


This Patreon page is made for supporting the research and development of the GeoMusica software. If you like to use GeoMusica, or if you just want to help, please join in!


to my wife and kids that generously agreed to share our time with this life project,

special thanks to my Sacred Geometry teacher: Luis Elye,

special thanks to this developers from the TD Community that contributed with inspiration, code or other to this project:

Fermat Spiral .toe inspiration – Calvin Zirk,
TDMorph – Darien Brito,
Line intersections python script – Vytenis Zagorskis,
howtoaudio (in TouchDesigner) – Owen Kirby,
eventCHOP usage for ultraoptimization on geoMusicaEngine – Wieland Hilker,
wisdom along the way – Ivan delSol, Idzard Kwadijk, Felix Larreta, Roy Gerritsen, Tim Gerritsen,
private beta team – Darien Brito, Roy Gerritsen, Tim Gerritsen.

and last but not least, shout out to the Derivative team, without you guys this would not be possible!