been busy


hello, finally got some time to make an update to the website, in digest form: since last year’s spring to this one;

– the studio changed city, from Torres Vedras to Lisbon

Boom festival 2012 was great!

– been to the Fringe Festival with the JGM company, to show Romeu e Julieta, where I play live electronics, actor’s voice mangling, korg monotron and electric berinbau. Edinburgh its a great city, fantastic nightlife, and during the Fringe the ambient is amazing

– did live lights / programming for the Oporto Debandada Optimus with the 5 watts (João Paulo Feliciano, José Álvaro Correia, Pedro Cabral, Silvia de Sá), in the DJ Ride live set. great setup with sound tolight reactive touchdesigner madness

– been to the Islotes en Red project, in Valencia, with the play “As Barcas” by JGM, at the same time with 4 other companies from Europe. it was the beginning of the European tour of “As Barcas” with the project

– did live lights / programming for the Lisbon Week Optimus, with the 5 watts, again great setup, totally different from the previous ones

– premiere of “Lilith“, in Lisbon (São Luiz). A play by JGM, with live music by me. this time, played mostly mangled voices, electronics, and the ocasional piezo-electrified bird cage. amazing living scenario, with huge plants. mesmerizing light design by Daniel Worm

– toured with JGM company through Bilbao, Dresden, Cosenza, with the play “As Barcas”… South of Italy was the best! teatro dell’acquario rules

– did a interactive video installation with HOW for the exhibition “Pureza” by experimentadesign. more on that soon with the documentation release. crazy interactions on a storefront window – did a contribution to Rui Toscano piece in “Sound Sculptures 1994-2013”

– toured with JGM company in Brazil, at the Dois Pontos Festival; Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

– been doing some research on the effects of sonic psychedelic material, and their alchemic processes [nggallery id=5]