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Oct 21 2016


working on a new home for my digital info, soon!

Fractals are beautiful

May 13 2013


been busy

May 09 2013



hello, finally got some time to make an update to the website, in digest form: since last year’s spring to this one;

– the studio changed city, from Torres Vedras to Lisbon

Boom festival 2012 was great!

– been to the Fringe Festival with the JGM company, to show Romeu e Julieta, where I play live electronics, actor’s voice mangling, korg monotron and electric berinbau. Edinburgh its a great city, fantastic nightlife, and during the Fringe the ambient is amazing

– did live lights / programming for the Oporto Debandada Optimus with the 5 watts (João Paulo Feliciano, José Álvaro Correia, Pedro Cabral, Silvia de Sá), in the DJ Ride live set. great setup with sound tolight reactive touchdesigner madness

– been to the Islotes en Red project, in Valencia, with the play “As Barcas” by JGM, at the same time with 4 other companies from Europe. it was the beginning of the European tour of “As Barcas” with the project

– did live lights / programming for the Lisbon Week Optimus, with the 5 watts, again great setup, totally different from the previous ones

– premiere of “Lilith“, in Lisbon (São Luiz). A play by JGM, with live music by me. this time, played mostly mangled voices, electronics, and the ocasional piezo-electrified bird cage. amazing living scenario, with huge plants. mesmerizing light design by Daniel Worm

– toured with JGM company through Bilbao, Dresden, Cosenza, with the play “As Barcas”… South of Italy was the best! teatro dell’acquario rules

– did a interactive video installation with HOW for the exhibition “Pureza” by experimentadesign. more on that soon with the documentation release. crazy interactions on a storefront window – did a contribution to Rui Toscano piece in “Sound Sculptures 1994-2013”

– toured with JGM company in Brazil, at the Dois Pontos Festival; Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

– been doing some research on the effects of sonic psychedelic material, and their alchemic processes

Optimus Primavera Sound Porto 2012

Jun 12 2012

Got a really cool challenge from João Paulo Feliciano, with José Álvaro Correia, to make the programming for the Optimus Tower @ OPS Porto!

it was working this last weekend on the festival days at the beautiful Parque da Cidade do Porto, and the programming was controlling 72 RGB LED bars, 8 columns of lamps, another column of lamps, the neon logo, and a RGB sphere. Everything reactive to live video / audio, and geometry chasers, playable by iPad by the human controller :)

the live operators team where Silvia de Sá, Pedro Cabral, José Álvaro Correia, me, and sometimes JPF gave it a ride ;)

all the programming where made in TouchDesigner

some photos from Hugo Lima:

the boats

Jun 12 2012

photos by André Sier

Just got back from a residency in Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura, where the JGM company finished the latest creation, “The Boats”, inspired by the texts of Gil Vicente, famous medieval portuguese writer.
In this creation, João invited me and André Sier to create the live music and the generative video, wich we did by following the triptych division of hell, purgatory and glory;
hell is played live by me, accompanying the actors/performers with feedback processes, ultra short delay resonance, live looping, sample mangling and some orphion improvisation;
purgatory is visualized trough a mystical journey by André, and remixed with a kuduro track disassembled into noise in realtime by me;
the glory runs a network made by me in touchdesigner (and operated by Mafalda Cruz live) to map the bodies of the actors/perfomers with geometry and live reactivity to movement, while a party remix of “Só Danço Samba” goes on into the final ‘toast’ of the damned!

a very strong and disturbing mix of disciplines, languages, expressions and laboratory work indeed..

visit the official page here:
JGM website

and André Sier post on this matter, here:

Light Design by Luís Bombico

more documentation follows shortly!

Wales, Aberystwyth, Lost Kingdoms, Submersed Cities, mixed media labs

May 02 2012

I’m enjoying my three weeks residency in Wales, tutoring and participating in a project called Only Connect Lab at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, with fellow artists João Garcia Miguel and André Sier

news on that on this blog: http://onlyconnectlab.tumblr.com/

we are working on the matters of researching for new ways of integrating realtime performance and installation situations with high end advanced digital augmentation techniques. the poetic dimension theme is “Mystery Travels”

The participants, from an eclectic mix of artistic backgrounds and life experiences, are going trough a process of discovery, philosophical thinking and practical execution of they’re own ideas, as well as connecting between the lines with the substrata of the local cultural context

nice times indeed!

ligeti #3 and #4

Nov 15 2011

Long time no post. Back on the posting, hopefully!

here goes two snippets of latest studies around the meta-instrument development, this ones based on the ligeti poly sequencer. Been really busy lately with theatre performances, and video mapping pre-productions, but will try to find some time to keep the blog up!

Waveforms #1

Jul 20 2011

Waveform visual representations of the wonderful ARP Axxe MK1 that visited the studio last weekend.

PPP #1 – Analog Experimental Jam

Jul 20 2011

Last friday a great jam took place @HOW, joining the stochastic forces of Cage Cabarrett, with the amazing voice of Sara Ribeiro, my own sonic manglings, Francisco Rodrigues voices from the vinyl world, and Neco’s (The Fox “Skelectronic”) bass buildups; there were also lots of participation from the audience during the 5.5h long session. Ben San was on the video wheels, and LRTM on the documentation (not always on this order).

The gear list was:

Mixer Allen&Heath ZED14
Pro Co Turbo RAT
Ibanez Classic Phaser PH-99
Space Echo E301
Buddha Machine
Electribe EMX
Electribe ESX
Korg MS20
Yamaha CS5

Jazz Mutant Lemur
Nord Modular
Korg Monotron
Hand Made Theremin
Piezo Balloon
Shure SM7B
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Electro Harmonix Cathedral
Martin Backpacker Guitar
Synapse Kinect Hack
Metal Horn
iPad Griid

here is a small teaser of the documentation:

Monomodular #1a

Jul 14 2011

Two synths, one nice session of improvisation and experimental music. Small snippet from this marriage between a Korg Monotron and a Clavia Nord Modular.

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